Porkapalooza 2015 is Edmonton's Premiere BBQ Competition and Sanctioned KCBS Kansas City ( http://www.kcbs.us/) Barbeque event! and we took a walk..  For some of the new comers to the competition BBQ world getting a call or "taking a walk" is such a rush.  It simply  proves that all the practices and planning you did leading up to the weekend was all worth it.  We took 4th in chicken and 11th in pork but (shoulder).  My tip of the day is to remember to always have fun.. BBQ can be stressful and I think that all the pitmasters would tend to agree that we are our own worst critic, but in the end we all do it to have fun and the minute it isn't it will show in the end product.  Ill be posting some pics of the event shortly so stop back in and see what all the hype is about.